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Our History

Abhaycharan Gaushala was started for protecting the abandoned, diseased and accidental cows, calves and bulls of Vrindavan. We started by protecting cows from illegal transportation, from being stolen and sold to slaughterhouses and by offering medical care to accidental cows. We came up with the idea of having a cow ambulance to provide necessary treatment to cows at different locations in and around Vrindavan. In the year 2021 we finally moved to our current premises where we now serve several cows, calves and bulls in a dedicated way.
Our team consists of volunteers who find time from their full time occupation to manage the Gaushala. As per the requirement we have a limited space as of now and we plan to have a bigger place where we can serve a good number of cows. We need your support to purchase a suitable piece of land and construct a nice facility to serve as many cows of Sri Vrindvaan Dham as possible.

Our Mission

Cows are very dear to Sri Krishna, Who is also known as Gopala or the “protector of the cows”. Serving and protecting cows is thus an integral part of our Vedic culture and tradition. But, by the influence of the age of Kali-Yuga, people have forgotten this culture and its significance, leading to the poor and helpless condition of cows. Reviving this culture of cow protection is thus our mission, starting from Vrindavan which is the land of Lord Krishna and His dearmost cows.


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